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The Diploma Course (1)

The course lasts for two years, spread over 6 four-day modules from October to June each year, and leads to a Diploma in Craniosacral Therapy. Since ASCT is not accredited, graduates who wish to be registered must apply for associate membership with the Craniosacral Therapy Association (CSTA). If the application is successful, a further assessment by the CSTA will be required. ASCT will provide full assistance for this process.

The first paragraph from our introduction to the course states: “Our aim is to make you into safe, competent and effective practitioners of craniosacral therapy. The teaching methods we will adopt are intended to develop both your analytical and intuitive skills, that is by balancing right and left brain. This will be done by providing you with the basic qualities of presence and stillness, and the basic tools of listening and following; and by exposing you to concepts from many different approaches to health. From stillness we will show how you can build safe boundaries for yourself and your patient. Our hope is that, after time given to reflection and practice, you will meet each future patient with acceptance, and with neither agenda nor judgment.”

This paragraph is packed with essential keywords (highlighted) which will be reinforced throughout the course. The overall objective is to provide an integrated training which synthesizes all current approaches, without emphasis on any one of them, nor any sense that one is superior to another. Our booklist reflects a wide range of thinking in the cranial field with books by other teachers such as Sills, Kern, Milne, Shea and Arnold, and we hope that students will sample as many as time permits. Once you have graduated, we hope you will be open to explore any other training, not least in postgraduate workshops.

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