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The Diploma Course (2)

Franklin Sills states that ‘Work in the cranial field is largely perceptual’, and (to paraphrase Hugh Milne) he goes on to say that ‘The heart of clinical practice is listening’1,2. These ideas are fundamental to our teaching too..

Embryology is also taught from the first four-day module, since we find that a person is a sum of their evolutionary, prebirth and postbirth history, and carries memories from all these stages.

We end our introduction with the acknowledgement that completion of the course “ ….. is no easy goal, and the path you take is represented by our logo, the labyrinth of the cathedral at Chartres: this is intended to illustrate a journey which may be long and circuitous, but which has an ultimate end – unlike a maze in which you may become lost.”

The School’s aim is to be supportive to students as they make this journey.

The course is open to students of 18 years or older (although we expect that, due to the nature of the work, applicants will have had some life experience), with or without a therapeutic background. A good standard of anatomy & physiology is expected. Students without an appropriate qualification may enrol on our anatomy course.

1Sills F 2001, Craniosacral Biodynamics vol 1, North Atlantic Books 2nd edition 2001 p3

2See Milne H , The Heart of Listening vols 1 & 2, North Atlantic Books, 1st edition 1995

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