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‘Missing Links’

Tutor: Mike Harrison

The motivation for this section arises from a number of conversations with qualified practitioners, who notice from other postgraduate events at ASCT that we talk about a number of topics covered in our undergraduate work which has not featured in their own training. We have tried to group these in such a way that there is a logical connection between them, and so that they serve to further integrate topics covered in some other undergraduate studies.

These include

Material will be presented by means of the anatomy, with some illustrative practical exercises. Each topic may be run as part of a series (as listed), as a weekend, or separately. It is likely that there will be some overlap between the days, since some of these topics are usually taught within a 4- or 8-day module. The presentation is intended to be somewhat experimental, offering a broad learning opportunity. Time may be available for revision of aspects of the nervous system (particularly cranial nerves). Courses will be announced here as they are developed.