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Presence & Vision (1)

Tutor: Mike Harrison

This workshop draws on the work of Peter Grünwald, the world-renowned Alexander and Bates teacher. See how you can use your visual pathways to support your practitioner fulcrums in a new integrated way, and use visualisation with your patients to connect with their problems using possibly untried fascial meridians. Learn to apply old lessons for new purposes, and maybe revise some anatomy at the same time! (For equine practitioners, some of these ideas can be applied to horses too.)

Some advance notes will be available as soon as you have applied for the course.

Presence is a quality often absent in craniosacral patients (and maybe sometimes in ourselves!): indeed this feature may underlie their whole dysfunctional pattern. Peter Grünwald (2008) defines presence as: “ …. a conscious, active, receptive state of being that is not dependent on either internal experiences or external circumstances. It is generated in the lower visual cortex and allows the seamless observation of both the internal and external environment with equanimity”. This seems to have many craniosacral parallels.

The aims of this course are to provide:

The course is not intended to be complete in respect of Alexander or Bates techniques, nor of Peter Grünwald’s work, for which his annual six-day retreats are highly recommended.

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