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Part 1: Basic Principles

In this part of the course, basic skills are introduced and taught, to provide the developing practitioner with therapeutic tools which will last throughout student and practice life. These will be reinforced at each stage of the course. Many topics are also introduced which are covered in stages over the two years of the course, and are indicated by Roman numerals I, II and so on. Other topics are presented which do not reappear but which exist as background material, and which can be further researched by students.

module 1

Presence, Intention & Safety*

Conversations with the Body I: dialogue*

Therapeutic Space*

Rhythms & Tides I: Cranial Rhythm*


Fulcrums I: Introduction*

Stillness & Stillpoints*

Intuition: ‘Thinking out of the Box’

The Craniosacral System*

Tuning In*

Levels of Practitioner Presence*

Opening up the System*

A Framework for Treatment

module 2

Module 1 revision

History & Historical Context

Craniosacral & Energetic Models

Energy Medicine: James Oschman

The Human Energy Field: Bruce Lipton

Homeostasis & Allostasis

Resonance: Health & Disease

Introduction to Embryology

Treatment position: supine