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Part 2: Fascia & The Nervous System

This part of the course extends our knowledge of, and practical skills in working with, fascia – in particular how it can be used in craniosacral diagnosis. The nervous system is introduced, including practical ways of working with its integrative properties. We also look at spacious and expansive ways of listening to and following the sphenobasilar joint.

module 1

Revision part 1

Revision anatomy: tissue types

Fascia II: The Spine - deep muscles & longitudinal ligaments

Listening Posts*

Diagnosis (fascial)*

Fascial Unwinding within the trunk*

The Subocciput & Cranial Base*

Nervous system I: nervous system basics

Nervous system II: nervous system embryology

Nervous system III: somatic nervous system

module 2

Module 1 revision

Nervous system IV: autonomic nervous system

Double Contacts*

SBS patterns I: introduction

SBS patterns II: practical*

Fascial unwinding I: basic concepts – anatomy & embryology

Fascial unwinding II: arm and leg*

Fascial Unwinding III: head & neck*

Rhythms & Tides II: Mid-Tide

Sidelying Treatment I: introduction

Sidelying Treatment II: details*

A Framework for Treatment: revised

Treatment position: sidelying