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Part 3: Breathing, Emotions & Integration

This part of the course introduces the concept of looking for, recognising and working with, whole-body and whole-person systems. These are seen to be means by which the body naturally integrates its functions. In this context breathing itself is treated as an integrative activity. Topics in parts 1 and 2 of the course are revised and incorporated into new material. As the end of the first year approaches, some practical tools are introduced (to be developed further in part 6) which relate to the student becoming a craniosacral practitioner.

module 1

Revision parts 1 and 2


The throat*

The Hyoid*

The Scapula*

Mechanisms of swallowing*

Swallowing & the Cranial Base*

Nervous system V: limbic system

SBS integration*

Rhythms & Tides III: Long Tide*

Rhythms & Tides IV: Stillness*


module 2

ANS: Clinical Applications

Emotions I

Trauma I

Fluid/energy drive*

Case History Taking

Practitionership I

First–Year Assessments*

Treatment positions: prone & sitting