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Counselling & Supervision

ASCT provides training in counselling and supervision for craniosacral and other practitioners for a number of purposes:

Situations where counselling skills can help include:

- During a treatment session, a patient begins to tell you some intimate details about themselves. These details may be graphic, and in another context inappropriate.

- You are working with some aspect of a patient’s system, and it occurs to you without knowing why that some conversation would be helpful to release a long-held issue.

- Practitioners often feel overwhelmed when their patients begin to offload a lot of material, and they feel fearful they will not be able to contain or do not know how to manage.

In all cases - especially the first - it may not be clear that a clue is being offered which will help resolve some difficulties. Concern or uncertainty about how to proceed may leave you ungrounded and draw you out of your practitioner role. Counselling skills help you move forward with clarity about that role and your boundaries, while listening and reflecting with authenticity.

All courses are led by Liz Specterman, a psychotherapist of many years’ experience, with Dr Peter Jewel (PhD in person-centred counselling). All courses will be run in London.

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