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Supervision Skills 2

Course Guide

In this highly experiential, integrated and developmental course you will explore, learn and practise the skills of supervision - skills which will also enhance your own practice.

There will be time to reflect on the spiritual dimension of our lives and how this translates and gets grounded in our work as supervisors.

Within its carefully designed framework, the course is flexible and tailor-made to meet the needs of the particular group.  It will build on and develop the strengths of participants.


The syllabus will broadly follow:

Dynamic Model Of Supervision

A process model of supervision

Developmental stages of supervision

Primary foci

Ethical dilemmas

Group Supervision

Group dynamics

Group facilitation

Models of group process

Behavioural flexibility for group supervision

Psycho-Spiritual Perspectives Of Supervision

Principles underlying a psycho-spiritual approach

Holding a bifocal vision

Working top-down, bottom-up


Formulating a psycho-spiritual inventory